Fascism in America: The Ignorant Supporters of the NYPD

There is gang violence occurring on the streets of New York. Not only in the projects but all over the city. No drive-by shootings, just snatch-and-grabs and stop and frisk. These street fighters don’t flash bandanas, just their badges. They aren’t buying their guns on the street but have them issued by the state. While there are many types of gang violence raging in low-income neighborhoods where residents grow up hungry, learning from old textbooks in slowly collapsing schools, none is sanctioned by the state and supported by the establishment like the NYPD. The side of their cars ironically says “Courtesy. Professionalism. Respect.”, but every day we hear a new story of their gang violence against minority communities. If we are seeing these many stories uncovered through recording the police with cell phones, imagine how many more instances of this state-sanctioned street warfare occur everyday where there are no cameras and witnesses.

However, I warn you that there is a worse element than this gang. Not every police officer is a racist murderer, there are some good police officers who have their character tarnished by the rogue gang members who kill with zero discretion and receive full immunity. The problem isn’t these individual cops, many of whom do have their heart in the right place and don’t deserve to be murdered. They are only agents of state, caught in a oppressive system founded on racism. The bigger issue is the justice system which allows police officers to murder unarmed black people, never to be convicted of any crime as if they are the Stasi from East Germany. This power structure is reinforced by the group of disgusting people who cheer these murders both over social media, and in the streets in protests. Rather than acknowledge the double standard which exists in the U.S. Criminal Justice system, they defend the NYPD gang at all cost, viewing their jobs as more important than all other occupations, their word as the most unbiased, and their lives as more important than all others.

While many in this group of police apologists are either officers themselves or friends with members of this army, they choose to ignore the root issue, race-baiting others, claiming that racism doesn’t exist, and criminalizing all victims of the legalized gang violence. These people have the right to freedom of speech, but they must realize that so do we, and we have every right to expose these enemies of humanity for what they really are. Those who readily support a dangerous system and defend these murders, viewing the perpetrators themselves as heroes are the most dangerous element of our society and need to be called out for their actions.

on Friday Night, in response to massive protests fighting for justice for Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Akai Gurley, and hundreds of others who were murdered by police officers around the country, supporters thought it was appropriate to hold a Pro-Police rally at City Hall, signifying that they fully support the murders, and will even actively protest in public the right of officers to kill. They claimed that it was in support of heroes who sacrifice their lives everyday to keep us “safe” but don’t let them fool you, these people were the same types who would attend lynchings in Jim Crow’s America. The hashtags #ThankYouNYPD and #BlueLivesMatter were used by these celebrators of state violence, signifying that rather than supporting black lives and their fight to be recognized as fully human in the white supremacist American society, these people consider the police as a separate race, who need more support despite legally having the ability to murder any person they choose. There is no sugar-coating here, these pictures and comments that I share below contain the worst aspects of the human race.

Their signs and shirts signify their privilege. It is no surprise that they wear shirts which state “I Can Breathe”, because they are fully protected by the state, and have the ability to kill and then bask in the benefits of the white system of power in America. Those who actively protest the right of the police to murder are representative of fascism in America and have exposed themselves as our enemies.

Earlier today, two officers were shot to death execution-style by a black male who had just killed his girlfriend in Baltimore a few hours before. He also threatened to murder officers on Instagram a few hours before the incident. While he references Eric Garner and Michael Brown in his posts, he is obviously not indicative of the larger movement, comprised of thousands who protest peacefully across the country. Pat Lynch of the Police Benevolent Association, made a very dangerous statement soon after:

Pat Lynch doesn’t care about the lives of any New Yorker unless they have a blue uniform and a badge. He directly blamed DeBlasio and the protesters, stating that the protests “cannot be tolerated” because this one man decided to execute some police officers. Don’t let this man pretend that he represents any interests of New Yorkers, he is a fascist who would outlaw protests if he could. The same types supported Hitler when he rose to power in post-Weimar Germany. Look into his eyes. Absorb the features in his face. He is the figurehead of the police state.

Of course, Twitter is abuzz with those who now feel that because two officers were shot, they need to fight for “justice” for the NYPD, for some reason. The lives of police obviously matter, as they don’t face injustice for the courts but on the contrary, actually get away with murder themselves. 33 officers have been killed by gunfire in 2013, which is a record low. The type of people who are using hashtags like #NYPDLivesMatter while blaming the events on everyone except the killer themselves, would likely also support the murder of protesters. They portray themselves as Americans but would feel more comfortable in Russia or Iran, where the interests and actions of the state are directly valued over human life. These people act patriotic but their support of the terroristic acts of the seventh largest army in the world makes them guilty of the same crimes they defend. Remember these accounts, they stand in the way of progress and their ignorance is in itself a crime against humanity:

Some will argue that I shouldn’t be focusing any attention on these people, and their content in no way should be featured on this website. However, I feel it is necessary to shine the spotlight on them. These apologists, and the system they reinforce through publicly defending crimes perpetrated by the state are the reasons why we protest, and demonstrate why we must continue to rally, chant, march, and disrupt the system.

Sinclair Lewis once said “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross,” However, it seems that instead it be wearing a police uniform, and enforced by police unions and their supporters. After the statements by Pat Lynch, I am not sure how the NYPD will act in the coming days but this should be a sign to everyone reading this: we are closer to American Fascism than we ever thought possible. Stay vigilant.

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