Interfaith Solidarity: Scenes from Last Night’s #ChanukahAction

The explosion of die-ins, choke-ins, walkouts, street closures, and other direct actions continued last evening, the 22nd day since Darren Wilson wasn’t convicted in Ferguson, MO, and 14th day since the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision in New York. In many cities, Jewish activist groups and their allies celebrated the first night of Chanukah by holding actions in solidarity with Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and the hundreds of others who fall victim to police murder each year. Participants marched through the streets and held public space, with #BlackLivesMatter signs, the names of police victims, a logo of a menorah of fists with a quote from Leviticus, and many other messages which signified their support.

Seeing pictures and vines of these Chanukah protests on my Twitter news feed was very reaffirming, as not only are these actions continuing across the country, but they seem to be penetrating all aspects of social life. We aren’t seeing the same people from established activist circles protesting in different locations every night. Rather, there are a plethora of groups, representing all sectors of American society, including public defenders, congressional staffers, politicians, and athletes. We are finally fed-up as a country, excluding the racists and apologists who are on the wrong side of history, and now thousands are standing up to centuries of injustice, interrupting the system until justice is obtained.

The coordinated actions, organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, JFREJ, Jews United for Justice, Arab American New York and other related organizations, used the #ChanukahAction hashtag:

Below are some scenes from the events in each city.

Brooklyn, NY

Boston, MA

Detroit, MI

Albany, NY

Durham, NC

Maplewood, NJ

Seattle, WA

San Francisco, CA

Many cities will be holding Chanukah actions for all eight nights. Also, there are die-ins tonight in Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Tribeca, for the five month anniversary since Eric Garner’s death. Their family will also be holding an event on Staten Island.

The uprising continues, stay strong!

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