Failure of the NYPD Public Relations Department: #ThankYouNYPD

So, imagine you are the NYPD Public Relations team. I know, I shuddered also for a second. Now, imagine that officers choked someone to death a few months ago in front of a camera, and somehow they weren’t indicted by the Grand Jury. Furthermore, imagine that these officers haven’t been held accountable for years, and the same pattern is on display all over the country. Suddenly, there are protests throughout the country, and the massive rift between officers and the community continues to build. What would you do as the PR team? Have the NYPD apologize through official statements? How about the individual officers who are responsible? No? Okay, promote community policing? Allow the officers join the protests with signs and demand massive reforms, because after all, they are employees of the department?

Nah, you have a better idea. How about a pro-cop rally! What better way to say “we regret that we terrorize black and immigrant populations everyday” than to hold a huge rally in front of City Hall, encouraging people to bring banners that support these policies that kill innocent, unarmed people everyday! Perfect! There will definitely be a promotion in your future. Obviously, pro-cop rallies always, and we mean ALWAYS go well.

Now that we have an event planned, which obviously won’t have any counter-protests, how can we promote it? Hmm…social media? What about Twitter! I know, I know, #myNYPD didn’t work out so well but this is different, the police have unparalleled support in NYC! The urbanites here want to say thank you for all of the hard work carried out by our department everyday. There we go, I figured it out! #ThankYouNYPD!

….yes, it seems as if the NYPD PR team never learns: